NMC Survey of Educators in Second Life

The New Media consortium (NMC) has published the results of its annual survey of educators, Spring 2007 Survey: Educators in Second Life. You can download both the summary and the appendix. There were 209 respondents.

I think you will find pg. 10 interesting, particularly the question “What potential do you see for Second Life in education?” You might think that educators who are already participating in Second Life would be overly optimistic and favorable about SL’s potential, but the results show a more moderate attitude. I think that’s good; I like a little cautiousness in evaluating new technologies, even though I also favor giving them a full chance to perform.

The last question, “What is your prediction for the future of Second Life?,” is equally interesting. Only 24% think it is the future of the Web, and 12% think it won’t be around in five years. Those responses may reflect a difficulty imagining how a technology might evolve or they might be on the mark. Who knows? Of course, in the 90s, many educators predicted that the Web was a passing fad, but the growth of access to broadband and the explosion of software changed that notion.

The Appendix lists responses to open-ended questions, which are too diverse to summarize here. See what you think.

Here’s a recent view of developments on the island:


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