one educational use–field research

Let’s talk about education in Second Life. Scroll down on this page to the list of categories of educational uses in SL. There are 33 categories, some recognizable as academic disciplines, some more in the exhibit/museum area. I’d like to focus on something that takes advantage of the incredible social platform that is Second Life.

In the Social Science and Anthropological Research category, the first listing is “Field Research in Second Life.” Spotlighted is the work of Dr. Ed Lamoureux (SL: Professor Beliveau) of Bradley University. Watch the video first, then look at the syllabus and summary reflection. The summary discusses getting permission to conduct field research, a tricky process in-world, and a good lesson.

Lamoureux’s course was a distance ed course, but such an experience or assignment could be part of a traditional course. And it does offer creative opportunities in terms of groups studied. You can’t, after all, send your students out the door in Erie and expect them to find a group of Furries or Griefers to safely study.


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