Art and Role Play in Second Life

A 3D environment is a great setting for exploring, creating, and displaying art. Here are two examples of recreations of real life art:

Vassar College has recreated the Sistine Chapel in great detail. They post a sign outside asking if you are using it in your classes, and that’s a great idea to assign students to visit and report on the experience. It’s a much different experience than browsing web pages of photos.

At Vincent’s, not only can you visit traditional galleries, but you can walk right into 3D versions of several van Gogh paintings. Below you see me sitting in the Cafe Terrace at Night, overlooking the village and then actually walking through the village of Starry Night.

Second life is a wonderful place for role-playing assignments–or just role playing, if that’s your thing. Below is the amazing al Qas’r al Jinn, a medieval desert palace and surroundings where you can walk through as an observer (wearing such a tag) or become part of the 1001 Nights tales that are re-enacted by avatar players. [I need to change that tuxedo next time.]

The key in all of these places is immersion, becoming part of the environment, interacting in social spaces. What can you imagine happening in Second Life that would capture you and carry you away?


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