transmigration of avatars

I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, but if virtual worlds become standard tools in higher education in a few years, whether built by individual institutions or commercial organizations, wouldn’t the entire experience be better if we all had one avatar that could transmigrate between them?

We put a lot of work into an avatar, whether intending to replicate ourselves or expand and reshape our identity. If we could move between worlds–did I say that?–what a greater, integrated experience we could have. If my avatar could be in Second Life or WoW or There or some immersive world built for Boston College–if I could have just one expression of myself to travel these worlds, that would be terrific.


One thought on “transmigration of avatars”

  1. Go here: down to Dec 5th’s post. We at have figured out a full-service way to give people the ability (with verification of course) to export everything that they own from Second Life. Imagine, do you want your avatar to appear in another engine like Quake4? Unreal3? There is no mystery behind OpenGL programming and with the right tool set and enough caffeine a person can do anything I guess.

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