new tools for video, images, and URLs

I recently visited the British Invasion display at the Museum of Music on Infotainment Island:

Bucky Barkley of Buckaroo did a presentation of the display and the tools he created to make it the happen. Posters of the various bands are displayed using the Slider tool, which can shift between multiple resolutions/orientations of images, and which give posters and information to visitors. Below each poster is a Union Jack, which is really a VidMon or video display with menu, from which viewers can choose to watch a video of the band–but here’s the great part–each avatar can watch a different video at the same time without interfering with anyone else’s viewing. You and I can walk up to the same band, say the Rolling Stones (below), and each choose to watch a different video. Imagine the possibilities for displaying information to your students.

You can see the VidMon on our own island in the Building Boardwalk, loaded with video tutorials from Torley Linden on some of the basics of building in SL.

I also purchased the Slider and the WebMon, which allows you to give a menu of URLs. Watch for these tools to show up.

Now, before you jump too high for joy, the VidMon came loaded with the Torley videos, which were just what I needed on the Building Boardwalk. To use one with our own videos, we would need to have a streaming server, and we don’t. But it’s something we need to consider for video content delivery, in SL or not.


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