hosting space for our friends

We are hosting a space for the Pittsburgh Blackboard Users Group for meetings and as a home base for our fellow member institutions who do not own land in Second Life. This is a great opportunity for us to explore uses of Second Life in education with input from a variety of types of colleges and universities. We will also offer the use of our SL facilities to faculty from these institutions who would like to experiment with educational activities–there is plenty of room to go around.

The current PBbUG platform, located about 150 meters above the southwest corner of our island sim, is blank, except for a sign and a balcony so visitors will not fall off (unless they want to). The group will make suggestions about what sort of building or setup to have on the space.

There’s another new building on the island that you won’t be able to miss. It’s the Science Research Center for Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. We hope to see it used for simulations, a base for field research, and laboratory skills.

Although it is very close to the coffeehouse, we think it is attractive enough in its own right to enhance your experience there, especially at night when the corner lights are glowing, another new feature that can be applied to objects. Makes you want to build something, doesn’t it?

You might also notice in these photos that the most recent upgrade to the SL viewer significantly enhances the resolution of objects and has a more photo-realistic water and sky.


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