SL Opportunities: performance, academic display

Did you ever want to perform in a Greek drama, but were a little self-conscious about wearing a toga? The Greek Theatre in SL is holding auditions for Euripides’ The Bacchae on April 30 and May 1. Find specific information here, including readings to download:

Greek Theatre SLURL:

Honors Research Symposium posters (a representative 13) and a slide show of presenters were available to view in the spring.

We created the posters with photos of the originals, not with digital images, so the quality could be better, but most are readable and will give a sense of the work our students are doing. Next year, we will try to get students to submit electronic versions, and better to have them learn how to create posters on single PPT slides.

I have two posters of my own set up on the island for when I present them in May at the CIT 2008 conference in Batavia, NY. I moved them out of the Theatre to the hill above the island entry point, west of the library. You can see how much better the quality is when you are working with a jpg of the original slide.


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