performance possibilities

One’s a Pawn of Time final performance.

I can never pay attention well to lectures in SL, which I see as a good thing, in general–maybe there will be fewer lectures there. But today is the first time I sat through an entire play and became immersed in it, just as I would in a theatre. That’s even with the fact that not all the actors rezzed as they should have. The characters from the future were grey and blobby, [and I’ve seen photos from other performances on Flickr that show how they should have looked] but they were from the future, so what do I know about that? Nevertheless, I got sufficiently caught up in the plot and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

The feature that helped me become immersed in the play was the automatic control of the camera view embedded in the seat cushions. Like a television camera that knows where the next entrance and exit will occur, the camera shifted the view so I could concentrate on watching instead of maintaining my own control of the camera, which would likely have missed some of the action. In other venues, I have often missed parts of a conversation because I get immersed in zooming in on a speaker, etc.

In terms of education, I would be focused on students creating and giving performances, not just watching them. If there are theatre departments not taking advantage of the possibilities in Second Life to recreate all aspects of stagecraft, I have to wonder why.


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