interactive options

After today’s two sessions on Second Life at the Faculty Colloquium, followed by an in-world meeting of the SL Education Roundtable and its special panel discussing the possible, probable, and preferable futures for SL, I did some wandering of my own.

I love the idea of making abstract concepts concrete, and in SL that is more literal than figurative. Take for example the interactive rendering of Bloom’s Taxonomy from Iowa State. Clicking on any of the terms in the grid of blocks gives the visitor an explanation in chat, as you can see in the second image:

Then I looked at the map view of the NMC islands, just browsing the names and the looks of the islands in map form, which gives you a kind of birds-eye view. The NMC Arts Lab map looks like a work of art itself, so I went there and discovered up in the sky a tiered set of walkways/art displays, many of them interactive, and so engaging that I spent at least an hour there:

Two very different kinds of uses of SL, one meant to convey concepts used in designing learning experiences, the other a demonstration of the best kind of 3D interactive art possible. Both are must-sees.


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