it’s all about information–well, not all

Popped in at ISTE island and looked around the Blogger’s Hut and Podcasters’ Place to see what was new. I think the last time I saw them–a long time ago–they were in production. They are a good example of the current information-dispensing model of educational spaces in SL. No, you can’t really sit down in Podcasters’ Place and have your avatar create a podcast. Too bad. Will that ever be possible? Well, I still keep my Jetsons dreams alive and hope so. But you can get a lot of information about podcasting, both on in-world notecards and via links to web pages, and podcasts are useful in your land if you have a streaming server. Here’s an example of a notecard:

In the Blogger’s Hut, there are links to many technology blogs, and you can submit a link to your own and vote on ones you like. I submitted the link to my other blog.

Educators shouldn’t underestimate the value of giving information to students or other SL residents. Information can be for promotional purposes, familiarizing more people with Tri-C or with your program. For students, notecards can provide background information on a topic and instructions for proceeding through a virtual tutorial or role-playing experience.

There are still limitations in Second Life in terms of what you and your students can do when compared with RL situations, but we still ought to try out what’s possible, and perhaps think differently about how to use the space, rather than trying to replicate what we can do here just fine, thank you.

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