Capetown student housing project

Here’s a terrific student project from Delaware Technical and Community College that takes advantage of Second Life’s building feature. Students were challenged to design sustainable house prototypes and then build models–you couldn’t easily do that in RL, but here all you need is the space on which to build.

I think you can read on the photos the description of the project, that combines cultural and environmental and geographic concepts with building. What a great result for these students to be able to demonstrate their ideas in a concrete, if virtual, format.

Read more about the project on this blog:

Update: The SL display is no longer available (unless it has been moved to another piece of land). This occasionally happens with educational builds that depend on donations of land space. That’s why I take pictures when I visit interesting spaces.

*click on any photo to enlarge


One thought on “Capetown student housing project”

  1. Thank you very much for the link to our blog. We have enjoyed to work closely with the College and look forward to other similar collaboration in the metaverse to benefit our clients here in South Africa.


    Uthango Director

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