what’s been going on?

If you haven’t looked at our Second Life space, please do visit (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Outreach/218/215/28). Still in progress, we have the basic campus setup, with a floating campus center, an homage to the raised Metro campus (without the parking underneath LOL), composed of three lobes, representing the three campuses. The three spaces are set up for a variety of uses: presentations, meetings, information. On the ground underneath the center is open ground with teleporters to faculty sandboxes. We may add more content there, but we are trying to save prims to allow faculty to practice building. Next to the campus center is an informal gathering space, comprised of three seating areas on the ground, with water views, and a more-private floating pod. I hope you notice that the campus has a futuristic design in white and glass–why would we want to replicate real life in a virtual world? I have been influenced by models from the 1964 New York World’s Fair, specifically the Futurama display, and I even included a little of what is called Googie Architecture–the architecture that gave rise to those tailfins on cars and the skewed geometric designs of some early drive-in restaurants and motels. The original, and more traditionally designed sandbox, with wrought iron fencing and lamp posts, still resides on the far end of our space–not sure what we will do with that.

We recently conducted three workshops, two for beginners, and another for building basics. Everyone built a replica of the pavilion and flagpole you see here. It seems like a small, uncomplicated item, but it required learning most of the basics of the SL building tools. You can still see the original on the Eastern Campus sandbox.

The campus sandboxes are in the sky, BTW, to keep the main campus area neat. Keep an eye out for more workshops, including repeats of the originals.

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