Tri-C Virtual Travel Agency

Been working on the travel agency on our land, where you can find a variety of landmark packages to copy to your inventory. Organized by categories such as Art and Museums, Educational Campuses, and simply interesting landmarks, for example, there are plenty to get you started in some Second Life® travels that might inspire you to create an educational assignment for your class, or just help you have fun in Second Life.

There are also some builder tools and landmarks to well-known Sandboxes where you can practice building something. If you are new to the Viewer2, there is a landmark to one of the new Viewer2 Tips islands where you can get your bearings in the new standard viewer. Of course, if you are new to Second Life, it’s all new to you!

Finally, the Second Life Destination Guide URL is running on a screen, and you can interact with it as you would any Web site on a browser. Still under construction, the travel agents (that would be me and Kevin) are taking requests for other landmarks and travel materials you might think of.

Update: I added the Second Life wiki on a third screen. These areas are under construction and will change regularly.

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