Visit Recommendation: SciLands

SciLands is a virtual continent of educational islands dedicated to the sciences. Here’s how they describe themselves on their blog:

The SciLands is a mini-continent and user community in the virtual world platform Second Life devoted exclusively to science and technology. There are over 20 science and technology related organizations in the SciLands, including government agencies, universities and museums. SciLands members have regular meetings in Second Life where they share ideas, help each other, and plan future projects. Members also share resources like meeting spaces on their islands. Careful planning, organization, and technical features ensure that SciLands continues to grow.

Here’s a labeled view of the continent. I talked to Troy McConaghy/Troy McLuhan in SL yesterday, one of the founders of SciLands and he suggests that this map is a little out of date and that we just use any Slurl map ( Alpha/50/80/24). The SLurl map is similar to this one:

I made a recent visit to a few spots–although Genome Island has been a favorite for a long time. I especially liked standing under Newton’s tree as the apples fell around me. I did not get hit on the head and thereby have any bright ideas; nonetheless, it was fun. You might ask about the stack of pies–celebration of PI Day (LOL). I did not label everything on the map, so you would find some surprises. They also have a nice orientation area where you can brush up on or learn navigation skills.

Such visits are a good way to learn what can be done in Second Life, because building and teaching there is not an intuitive process–inspiration, we need inspiration.


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