interesting SL education stats

Last week’s meeting of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable (VWER) with Terrence Linden provided some interesting statistics on the impact of educators in Second Life®.

  • Educational sims account for 5% of the total number of sims owned by organizations
  • 10% of all Second Life avatars are affiliated with education (this is huge)
  • There are about 800 educational institutions/organizations active in Second Life, although there may be more that are occupying parcels of sims and not identified with their institutions
    • 650-700 of these institutions are colleges and universities
    • 50% are from the United States
  • In the last year, there has been 10-15% growth from education (evidence that our involvement is not waning, even with the popularity of the Open Sim Project)

The VWER meets every week on Thursday at 2:30 SL time (5:30 eastern) at Montclair State ( State CHSS/201/243/22) and is open to all. They have a website and online access to transcripts of meetings:

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