adventures in VWs

Yesterday, i went to ReactionGrid, where my avatar’s name is Grinn Squab (LOL play on Pidgeon), hoping to be able to grid hop to the new Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable grid (VWERGrid), but something went awry–plus I had the time wrong. I had failed to figure out the UTC time in my own zone. I tried to teleport there from the ReactionGrid, anyway, but it didn’t work. Sigh.

Can’t currently login to ReactionGrid on campus, so I’ll try it again at home, and even if I can’t get to the other grid, I’ll bring back some snapshots, so you will believe that there really are other VWs out there.

12/7/10: Finally figured out how to get from one OpenSim grid to another. I’ve set my home to Chilbo in ReadtionGrid; then I went over to the VWERgrid and took a few pics, uploaded some textures for jeans and a leather jacket. Will need to figure out how to get some better hair and skin, because I’ve become accustomed to finery:

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