another dirge for virtual worlds

“So, my sense is that actually the gap is about organizing the learning content into a sort of LMS/CMS that can then drive more of a social game experience around a learning domain.”

'virtual world architecture' photo (c) 2009, rafeejewell - license: recommend this thought-provoking article about the progress in virtual worlds for education and whether it has been keeping up with our needs or can: iED Summit Europe 2011: Get Beyond Virtual Worlds

The article is full of resource links to back up the writer’s experience, and the conversation continues nicely into the comments section–don’t miss that part.

Himoff makes a lot of valid points about virtual worlds, expressing the sense we all have that progress is too slow and falling behind interest in traditional social media. He even questions whether the avatar is a distraction, and I was sorry to hear that. Is the investment really too steep for virtual worlds to ever find more than a quirky niche in higher education? Can gaming save virtual worlds for us? I think that’s the next challenge.


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