Reaction Grid Closing

News from Daniel Voyager

Reaction Grid is closing. Too bad, even though I had not been able to do much there–which is probably my own fault for not trying harder. It’s too bad because it puts a lot of people in a position of looking for new space, but I think the good news is that there are other options, I am just not up on the newest. I haven’t done as much exploring as I would like because I am only able to get access to Second Life® at work, and that can be sporadic, with voice usually blocked.

Without any kind of VW presence or interest at work, it’s hard to get into exploration, and there are no friendly instructions for joining new VWs. Every time someone recommends “simple” instructions, they don’t work as suggested. Exploration would work better if I had someone sitting next to me, I guess.

Whine, whine, whine . . .

One thought on “Reaction Grid Closing”

  1. Most ReactionGrid customers would probably be served best by JokadiaGrid. JokaydiaGrid is actually hosted on ReactionGrid servers, and is focused on education.

    JokaydiaGrid regions are about $25 a month, and are hypergrid-enabled.

    Other favorite choices for educators and small companies — ReactionGrid’s target markets — are Dreamland Metaverse and SimHost. Both can connect regions to any open grid (OSGrid, ScienceSim, Craft, FrancoGrid, etc…) or set you up with your private mini-grid, with or without hypergrid connectivity.

    Dreamland actually lets you turn hypergrid on and off at will, or restrict it to just certain users, so you can have privacy and security when you want it, and travel to the 100+ other grids on the hypergrid when you want that, instead.

    Most recently, some educators have begun looking at Kitely, which has on-demand pricing. For $35 a month per user, for example, you get unlimited use of their grid, plus 20 regions, each capable of holding up to 100,000 prims and 100 simultaneous users. No hypergrid yet, but it’s coming.

    All three companies offer the latest version of OpenSim — mesh, media-on-a-prim, NPCs, OAR and IAR backups and uploads, etc…

    Good luck!

    — Maria

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