Firefox Helpers for searching Second Life

Nice trick.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Earlier, I blogged about a number of Chrome browser extensions users have developed for use with Second Life, and which Daniel Voyager had spotted. As a result of that article, Lance Corrimal pointed-out he had a number of SL-related search helpers for Firefox, which he suggested he could make available on his Dolphin Viewer website.

Well, he did – so true to my word, here’s a look at them.

The helpers are designed to allow a user to use the Firefox search option to use for terms and items using the various Second Life search engines. In all, Lance provides five helpers:

  • JIRA search – locate any JIRA directly from Firefox search (now subject to JIRA access / viewing)
  • Second Life Search – search for anything directly related to Second Life
  • Second Life Marketplace Search – search for an item in the Marketplace
  • Second Life Marketplace Merchant Search –…

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