The Right Theme at the Right Time

Actually I had been lusting after this theme, called 2014 now, but it had been a premium theme called Further for a while and I missed out getting it before they pulled it to make it the new theme of the year. That turned out well for me in a couple of ways.

I had been thinking I wanted it for another blog, but now I see that it takes more advantage of blogs that make good use of images and that’s what I recently decided to do with this blog, focus on the visual in Second Life® and any other virtual world I may visit.

My experiences in virtual worlds has been pretty solitary and I find less and less to talk about, because I am not around anyone who is interested in them, and especially not experienced in them. So, I’m just going to wander when I can and bring you some images.

Did you ever see the Frank Lloyd Wright build before his estate demanded that it be taken down?

That was one of my favorite places, so instead of giving you a new photo today, I’ll bring back ones from an earlier post when I visited the Robie House.

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