Community College Campus

I built the campus pictured here on the leased land for Cuyahoga Community College, whose slogan was “Where futures begin.” With that in mind and a limited space, I built a campus that looked futuristic (or retro-futuristic if you are familiar with the 1964 World’s Fair in NY).

I created a series of workshops for faculty on how to navigate in Second Life, how to build, and how to use a virtual world in teaching. Only the first two workshops attracted any interest. Being an institution of mostly adjunct faculty and with a high turnover of students, there was not enough interest to sustain  the kinds of projects typical in virtual worlds, not to mention the lack of technology available to both faculty and students to make working there practical.

My building skills were better by the time I worked on this island, and I enjoyed trying to design something useful in the small leased space we had. A better process for a community college would be to have technologists dedicated to creating and maintaining such a space, as well as being able to guide projects for faculty that did not require faculty experience in Second Life. Some of the most successful educational projects in Second Life involve health care simulations, which would be perfect for community colleges that invest a large portion of their attention to health education.

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