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where to? no one knows

Long, interesting discussion here of what might happen when (and if) Second Life® makes its way onto the Steam gaming platform, including the old discussion of whether or not it’s a game:

Thought about that as I sat through the EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds Constituent Group meeting in Denver tonight–although I was still in Ohio :-( Sorry to hear so many of the old complaints, but in my view, virtual worlds will always be a niche market tool in education, and so what? It’s not the web, even if it turns up in a browser someday. You need a high tolerance for, maybe even an attraction to failure to enjoy working in virtual worlds, and you need a clear purpose and lots of technical and creative support. So what?

Here are a few uninteresting photos I snapped at the in-world part of the meeting plus one interesting one from a visit to the MadPea Carneval. Too bad that sound from Denver could not have been piped in world better and too bad that we could not see each other.

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another dirge for virtual worlds

“So, my sense is that actually the gap is about organizing the learning content into a sort of LMS/CMS that can then drive more of a social game experience around a learning domain.”

'virtual world architecture' photo (c) 2009, rafeejewell - license: recommend this thought-provoking article about the progress in virtual worlds for education and whether it has been keeping up with our needs or can: iED Summit Europe 2011: Get Beyond Virtual Worlds

The article is full of resource links to back up the writer’s experience, and the conversation continues nicely into the comments section–don’t miss that part.

Himoff makes a lot of valid points about virtual worlds, expressing the sense we all have that progress is too slow and falling behind interest in traditional social media. He even questions whether the avatar is a distraction, and I was sorry to hear that. Is the investment really too steep for virtual worlds to ever find more than a quirky niche in higher education? Can gaming save virtual worlds for us? I think that’s the next challenge.

VWER has new meeting host

Today marks a move for the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable (VWER) to a new site, hosted by Bowling Green State University (BGSU).

If you are in Second Life® at 5:30 PM (Eastern), join the meeting here:

The meeting will be an interview format, with AJ Kelton (SL AJ Brooks) interviewing the new hosts: Anthony Fontana (SL AnthonyFontana Chevalier) and Bonnie Mitchell (SL BonnieMitchell Miles). So you don’t have to think up anything to say, but you will probably be allowed to submit questions in the usual manner to a Google Moderator Form.

OpenSim Alternative Slideshow

The Ohio Learning Network (OLN) TeachU webinar series offered a presentation yesterday on an OpenSim project for Ohio schools. You can read the presenter’s blog post here: and you can also view her slides on Slideshare or here: