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Ouch! VWs v. Games, Again.

Follow the discussion:

Not reproducing the whole thing, but it starts here:

think I’ll be going back to MadPea

Interview with MadPea Games

John Seely Brown on Motivating Learners (Big Thinkers Series) | Edutopia

John Seely Brown on Motivating Learners (Big Thinkers Series) | Edutopia.

I think this relates to my sense that I work well in SL because I have a high tolerance for failure, here mentioned as change.

where to? no one knows

Long, interesting discussion here of what might happen when (and if) Second Life® makes its way onto the Steam gaming platform, including the old discussion of whether or not it’s a game:

Thought about that as I sat through the EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds Constituent Group meeting in Denver tonight–although I was still in Ohio :-( Sorry to hear so many of the old complaints, but in my view, virtual worlds will always be a niche market tool in education, and so what? It’s not the web, even if it turns up in a browser someday. You need a high tolerance for, maybe even an attraction to failure to enjoy working in virtual worlds, and you need a clear purpose and lots of technical and creative support. So what?

Here are a few uninteresting photos I snapped at the in-world part of the meeting plus one interesting one from a visit to the MadPea Carneval. Too bad that sound from Denver could not have been piped in world better and too bad that we could not see each other.

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