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Svarga: Still there after all these years

Second Life Destination: Svarga

I took a guided tour on the giant wasp around Svarga, built in 2006 before the some of the more innovative building tools were developed. Built with the original building tools and prims, Svarga is a nice testament to what could be done in Second Life® building from the beginning.

I wish I could have downloaded a transcript of the tour information. Here’s a brief history of the place from Inara Pey in 2012: Svarga: of memories old and new


Travel to the past not all that fun

I did make it to Prehistorica, the Dawn Kingdoms and chose to travel back to the Mesozoic Era (the only choice). I expected some attacks by what animals were roaming then, but it seems I should have stopped in the shop and bought a dinosaur avatar first and become my own prehistoric beast. A few people did, but I was not frightened of them.

It was a well-made, lush sim but lacked enough to do. If there were any hiding dinosaurs, I wish they had come out to chase me. The one dragon you see was someone’s avatar and while interesting to look at, he did not know his role very well. There were a couple of gnat avatars flying around and being annoying—avatars, too.

Freewheelin’ Again

I’m going back to a free account in Second Life® because I just can’t justify the expense anymore. There hasn’t been any interest among our faculty for years and the small plot of land we leased from the NMC went the way of our institution’s NMC account. I tried to keep up with the VWER meetings, but I was increasingly irrelevant in that group of educators who have actually taught in SL.

So, I had to release the land that came with the account in order to change it from premium to free–kind of unfair, since my account won’t switch over to free until late January. Anyway, it’s gone and that’s too bad, but it was just a showcase. The prim limits were so low that I could only furnish it sparsely and no one came to visit. My spouse and SL partner even stopped visiting.

So, now I have about L$34,000 left from my premium stipend to spend as I wander around homeless, just as I did in the beginning. More hair, more shoes, more otherworldly clothing. And I might be dropping in to your sandbox to take out my Barcelona chair every now and then.

As close to the real thing as I will ever get.

Holo Emitter: rez me a classroom

I purchased a Holo Emitter from Hyperstring yesterday. It’s a cool tool. It appears as a large box with warnings to “stand back,” a good idea unless you want “a house to fall on you, Dorothy.”

With a touch, and as long as you’re on land with permission to build, you can conjure up a desk with laptop, a classroom with chairs, a treehouse, a pool, etc. The emitter is filled with built objects that let you set up work spaces instantly. Very useful for a quick meeting space that you can then clear away to be used again when you need it. Mobile learning spaces.

I purchased the high-end model for L4995 that allows you to add your own builds to the library of objects. Cool factor #2.

You need to be on land where you have permission to build, such as the NMC sandbox, until you have your own land. That’s next, our own land.

I’m getting excited.