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a different view

Update 11/22: I’ve encountered glitches with this viewer, so be warned. It still may turn out to be a good entry into SL for some, but here’s what happened to me:

  1. I’ve logged into the CSI/SL viewer with my regular avatar, Grinn Pidgeon, and it changed a few of my preferences, like my Home location.
  2. And then when I logged back into the regular viewer, my hair rezzed in an embarrassing spot! Oh my!
  3. The avatar I created through the CSI site, Fay Mayflower, can’t be logged in again since I changed my password. I’ve tried to log her in on the OnRez viewer on two different computers with no luck. And those CSI avatars can only be logged in via the OnRez viewer.
  4. You can’t get help for a CSI-created avatar from the main SL site, because it won’t recognize the name and password. At this point, I don’t know if we’ll ever see Fay again ;(

If you’d like to try a different Second Life viewer, maybe one that seems more familiar to Web users, and one that feeds your CSI addiction, try the OnRez viewer from Electric Sheep. We have one on one of our little Macs (it’s also available for PCs) and while its features seem odd to a regular user of the traditional client, I can see the attraction.

On the download page, you will be directed to sign up for a SL account at the CSI page, which is fine, but I still suggest that you go to the NMC to sign up and go through their orientation island.

The new viewer is a little too overtly shopping oriented for my taste–not that I haven’t spent a bundle of Lindens on clothes and hair lately;-0

Below is my original avatar, Grinn Pidgeon, and a new one chosen from the CSI site. The CSI-related avatars come complete with skin, flexi-hair, clothes, and a shape, but you can only login with them through the OnRez viewer. But they are able to travel throughout SL like any other avatar. Meet Fay Mayflower.

P.S. I hate it when I don’t see my grammar errors and typos before I publish.

to begin

In the genre of putting the cart before the horse, I’m beginning this blog on experiences in Second Life before the island arrives.

A few of us have been observing, playing, and experimenting with the possibility for education in Second Life, and we will be making more permanent plans this summer. Until then, I will venture a few posts on my experiences.

About the title: The concept of presence in a virtual world, the idea that the person at the keyboard acquires (rather quickly) the sense of being her avatar and experiences whatever she does in that world is a powerful effect that can be of great value in education. More about presence later. To try it out yourself, download the free software, create an avatar, and have a go at it.