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interactive URL on the surface of a prim

Here’s a short video on the new feature of the Second Life® Beta viewer of placing a URL on the surface of a prim. You can interact with the loaded sites, including writing on a Google doc, using it as a whiteboard. You could load your LMS site and all your students could move through it independently. Lots of possibilities.

Try this link to the larger version:

Here are a few stills of the URL on a prim feature:

SL blog post for newbies

A nice SL Blog post for beginners. You can download a very useful Quickstart Guide, view some videos, and find a whole host of resources to get you started.

creating (and wearing) clothing

Wondering how to create a new shirt? Torley tells:

scripting made easy

Torley Linden introduces us to Ann Enigma’s autoscripting tool for those of us who want the quick and easy, and have no guilt about not carrying around scripts in our heads. The blog post has a few other scripting tools, so don’t just settle for this one video.

Then watch this video.