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tick, tock

  • received the invoice for the new island
  • sent check to pay for island
  • ….waiting for delivery

Upcoming September topics: Voice in SL; Are We Really Learning Here?; RL in SL; Love Me, Love My Avatar

one more island

The island is on order. Lots of work to do now.

to begin

In the genre of putting the cart before the horse, I’m beginning this blog on experiences in Second Life before the island arrives.

A few of us have been observing, playing, and experimenting with the possibility for education in Second Life, and we will be making more permanent plans this summer. Until then, I will venture a few posts on my experiences.

About the title: The concept of presence in a virtual world, the idea that the person at the keyboard acquires (rather quickly) the sense of being her avatar and experiences whatever she does in that world is a powerful effect that can be of great value in education. More about presence later. To try it out yourself, download the free software, create an avatar, and have a go at it.