Hangars Liquides and Mjolka Kyr

It’s been too long since I visited any new spots and I knew I would have to update my viewer, but it went smoothly for a change and the new viewer seems to work better. I had no rezzing problems that I feared at the first spot, Hangars Liquide.

Hangars Liquide is described as a cyberpunk space and is very dark. Very dark. I’m sure I missed a lot, both because it was so dark, but also because the darned taxi kept saying it couldn’t find the spots I tried to visit. Eventually I tried the old-fashioned methods of transportation—stairs, elevators, and teleporters. I found an aquarium for relaxing, but it wasn’t one for viewing sealife; it was one you could walk into (?). Mostly, I found modes of transportation, but will have to find a headlamp and go back exploring for more.

The second spot, Mjolka Kyr, is a floating island. An interesting build, but, except for the island itself, nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps there is more to find there, but, geez, does every interesting spot need to have the sex-toy milking machine? I didn’t see any cows.

A new shadow looms over Innsmouth

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld


There has always been a shadow hanging over H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. That much has been known since the town first appeared in Lovecraft’s writing, when it made its debut in the 1936 novel The Shadow Over Innsmouth. It is a place with a long and mysterious history, involving shipbuilding dating back to the mid-1600s, the rise of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, intrigue, mysterious happenings and more.

Innsmouth is also a town which has been lovingly recreated in Second Life, forming a centre of roleplay, an homage to Lovecraft’s writings and very much a famous and significant landmark. Dark and atmospheric, it captures the spirit of the deserted Innsmouth and its air of mystery and menace quite perfectly.

But now a new shadow is, as SLexplorer and Ciaran Laval indicate, falling over the SL Innsmouth and threatening its future.


The news of…

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Svarga: Still there after all these years

Second Life Destination: Svarga

I took a guided tour on the giant wasp around Svarga, built in 2006 before the some of the more innovative building tools were developed. Built with the original building tools and prims, Svarga is a nice testament to what could be done in Second Life® building from the beginning.

I wish I could have downloaded a transcript of the tour information. Here’s a brief history of the place from Inara Pey in 2012: Svarga: of memories old and new


back to New Babbage

Babbage Square (153, 174, 121). As described at SecondLife.com: http://secondlife.com/destination/new-babbage

New Babbage rezzed much faster this time, which was nice.

Nothing spoils touring like waiting for your environment to appear.

I made a determined effort to see new things and look for activities, as you can see in a few signs that advertise upcoming events. Mostly, because everything was rezzing at a better pace, I discovered how huge the Babbage region is—see the map in the images. I haven’t even scratched the surface of visiting everything, but I really like the combination of industrial and urban cultural settings, docks and industry and museums and libraries. Unlike the Long Island build I visited a few weeks ago where it’s all upscale, you expect to see both working class and royalty in Babbage. Of course, I didn’t see anyone, and that’s a valid complaint about Second Life®. I understand that you can’t have a space as big as a world, created by the world, and expect everyone to be there at all times, but it is still disappointing, even when you are just sightseeing.

Here’s an interesting New Babbage site: http://cityofnewbabbage.com/reader/

Someone else made a return to New Babbage and compared it to the earlier build in this video:

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