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Finally Found Virtual Snow that Rezzed

I wouldn’t take no for an answer this time and went to a few destinations marked as Winter Attractions, determined to find an interesting snowy spot, minus the naked exhibitionists and poorly created holiday theme items. I also determined that I would just walk away and come back when everything was rezzed, or mostly everything.

I ended up in Imaginaria–good name, but not as imaginative as I had hoped for. Pretty, yes, but a pretty traditional winter scene. I think I was hoping for something more imaginative, still it was a nice build. Okay, there was one naked person (?) in the pond, but it wasn’t that realistic and didn’t spoil the experience.

Then I went to the Old Europe Winter Village, but did not skate. It was okay, but then I just teleported back to Glasgow Caledonian University, where they had their own bang up job of snowy trees and lights and falling snow–which does not show up in the stills, of course.

Winter Wandering, Not What You’d Expect

I started out looking for a snow-covered spot, but Yuki No Yume: Dream of Snow was so slow to load that I ended up in Pangloss, a rather pink, artsy world. Not the kind of dark steampunk spot you’d expect me to be at.

I tried something seasonal, Santa’s Workshop, but there were too many public displays of skin for my taste–why did Santa’s Workshop attract those kinds of avatars? No pics from there. I’ll have to research the winter wonderland spots a little better next time

So I went back to the JD Mechanical Toy Factory, comfortably steampunk, and as usual got stuck on an upper floor looking out the window. But even the factory was in a little holiday mood as you can see with that nice mechanical train set, and, I don’t know, was that evil clown head in the entrance a holiday feature?